Plastic and environmental impact
Sustainable choices to protect the seas

Plastic and environmental impact
Sustainable choices
to protect the seas

Plastic: a problem that has a direct impact on our seas, during the years, has become a pressing concern due to the alarming view of floating plastic or sea creatures that ingest it.
It is essential to recognise that plastic, by itself, is a full recyclable material. However, the real problem is in its improper disposal, like any other artificial product that can damage the environment.

Alternatives to plastic

Nevertheless, it is worth emphasizing that, although there are many alternatives to plastic products, these choices must challenge reality in terms of recyclability and costs that limit use on worldwide market.
Despite these challenges, we must continue to explore and promote more sustainable options to reduce our dependence on plastic use.

Our approach

Focused on this goal, The Sea is Life Poseidon gin takes a conscientious approach, using plastic in its production while discouraging excessive use of it.
In this way, it strikes a balance between needing packaging materials and the urgency to protect our seas.
Through responsible use and recycling practices, we can work collectively to minimize the negative plastic impact on our marine ecosystems.

Choice of plastic cap

Firstly, the use of a cork stopper can cause various issues to the gin, both for the scent and for the appearance. It is known that cork stoppers release color into clear liquids, which can be visually unpleasant. It can also affect the overall product quality.
Additionally, cork can sometimes have a distinct “corked” odor that can contaminate the liquid and affect the sensory experience for customers.

Commitment to recyclability

While silicone-coated cork stoppers are available on the market, we don’t decided to adopt this solution for many reasons.
First of all, using this type of stoppers would contradict our goal of creating a 100% recyclable product. This product is not recyclable and would end up in unsorted waste, contributing to waste and environmental damage.
As a company committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, we prioritize recyclability in our packaging choices.

Choosing a plastic stopper, we are able to create a functional and eco-friendly product.
Plastic is a versatile material that can be easily recycled,  ensuring that our packaging does not contribute in dump waste.
Additionally, plastic provides a high level of liquid protection inside the bottle, preventing any color release or unwanted odors contamination.

Safe hold and quality

Plastic stoppers also provide a very perfect seal for our product, ensuring it remains fresh and uncontaminated.
Unlike traditional cork products, plastic stoppers don’t dry out or become fragile over time, which could lead to liquid leaks or deterioration in the quality. This allows us to maintain the product quality and integrity throughout its entire life.

In conclusion, the choice to use a plastic stopper for our product was guided by the desire to avoid the potential issues of traditional stoppers while maintaining our commitment to recyclability. Choosing a functional and sustainable material, we are able to provide a high-quality product that combines the needs of our customers minimizing environmental impact.

The capsule can be composted together with the stopper.

This made our product
100% recyclable

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