More that a simple gin
a journey trough the ocean’s heart.

More that
a simple gin
a journey trough the ocean’s heart.

The roots of this project go back to the past. HI have vivid memories of when, as a child, I run among boxes, bottles and shelves, completely unaware of the fascinating world was surrounding me.

In 2008, I embarked on an alcoholic beverage sales journey for major companies, but over the years, a thought began to nag me: I couldn’t stop thinking about the purpose of these products, asking myself why I couldn’t create something more, something that hasn’t a goal in addiction to the gain.

The island of inspiration

During a fateful night, inspiration struck me like a thunderbolt.
With a burning desire to make the difference and with love for the sea, I designed a gin that, in addiction to tantalize the taste buds, it also had a more noble purpose .

That night, I poured out my heart and soul into drawing an unquestionable oceans’ symbol:  the Poseidon’s Trident.

In this way The Sea is Life Poseidon Gin was born.

A sip of depth

With every sip of this fresh and enveloping gin, I wanted to transport people into the hypnotic depths of the ocean, recreating the essence of the sea in a bottle.

However, I didn’t want to stop there.

I had a specific purpose in mind: to safeguard the seas.

The safeguard mission

For this reason, a part of the revenue is donated to initiatives dedicated to seas protection initiatives, making a tangible difference in preserving our precious oceans.

A toast to the beauty of the sea

A toast to
the beauty of the sea

With every taste of  Poseidon Gin, you will not only enjoy the freshness sea taste, but you can help preserve our precious seas by actively joining my purpose.
This project is much more than a simply commercial activity, it’s the testimony of my sea safeguard dedication and my enormous passion for sustainability.

With Poseidon Gin, every step will be fundamental for a healthy and sustainable future for our oceans.

Together, raise up our glasses and say... Cheers!

  il mare è vita the sea is life  

Hai trovato il Tesoro di Poseidone!



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